I have always been attracted to the old and crusty, subjects that are not just bigger than life, they are survivors of life.
They have endured life’s strengths and weaknesses, its beauty and roughness, its exuberance and weariness.
As the German philosopher Byung-Chul Han explains more eloquently:
THE COUNTERPOINT TO transcendence, in the language of religion, is immanence: believing that the sublime is not outside the bounds of the humanly perceived world but manifest within it; that the timeless is also present in the immediate and ephemeral. “The artist rummages through the world, attends lovingly on everyday things and tells their story,” Han writes. What defines an artist may be not so much the snatching at eternity as the tinkering, the grubbing in the dirt, the quiet attention to the most seemingly ordinary and insignificant details — not the grand unfurling of the universe but life at its smallest.
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